Registration by name

Category Championships: Juniors, Boys, Girls Thursday, 3rd
Registration for Juniors, Boys and Girls
Open Championships: Open, Seated Monday, 7th Registration for Open and Seated Categories
Times for RIDER Registration
Details coming in Bulletin #2.
Before a Federation can approve a rider, every rider has to register at and has to join the competition.
After a rider joins the Competition the Federations has to login at to approve the Rider!
Federations can also do there the Intetions to Enter to give an estimate how many riders they will send!
Registration Check List (per rider) what have to be checked by the teamcaptain before registration:
1. Completed all profile fields (to check please click on the rider link on the entry form)
2. A profile picture in the first slot. (first picture will be displayed on the Monitors)
3. Completed liability form.
or Adult (if possible signed by the Parents)
4. Completed (if possible signed by the Parents)
5. Valid passport showing nationality to prove that the rider is eligible to compete for your team (ID
Card is not enough)
6. Vegetarian?
7. You want to be Rider Representative
Once all your riders have completed the above steps the team Captain should report to registration
with all passports, forms and proof of payment to complete registration.
Currencies accepted at registration are MXN, Euros & US Dollars!

Entries will only be accepted using the official web site form ( and by authorized federations only.

All riders not being able to be present on site before the closing of the registration need to send copies of their passports and proof of payment. Otherwise they will not be considered for the event.

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