One of the world’s biggest sporting events is ready for lift-off this weekend. With over one million spectators expected for this major festival and 200,000 for the Monday Nautique Moomba Masters Finals alone, few will forget the experience. Even the weather forecast looks perfect with sunny temperatures of up to 27C/81F with a light cooling breeze.
The Yarra River in the very centre of Melbourne is already a hive of activity. The annual Nautique Moomba Masters competition will feature the world’s highest ranked waterskiers and wakeboard riders of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). Eighteen countries will be represented this year. The events will include Slalom, Tricks, Jump and Wakeboard.
Drama kicked off today’s final preparations. International Waterski star Jimmy Siemers (USA) and Event Organizer Darren Robertson (AUS) both required surgery. Siemers has two World Jump Records plus an Overall World Record to his credit and has been an outstanding athlete since 2001 when he won his US National Overall title. They each tore their Achilles tendons. Siemers was removing his foot from a very tight Jump Ski binding. Robertson was removing a Nautique boat from a trailer when the damage was done. Not wanting to miss this spectacular event, both returned to the site straight from the Hospital today!
he four-day Nautique Moomba Masters schedule kicks off with Women’s Slalom on Friday at 11.00hrs local time / Midnight GMT and runs all the way through to the Monday Jump Finals. To add to the action packed programme, each night will feature floodlit Waterski Jump events followed by Fireworks displays.
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Few athletes ever get an opportunity to compete on such a unique stage which runs parallel to the famous Melbourne F1 Grand Prix track at Albert Park. Surrounded by towering skyscrapers and manicured parklands, with a history which can be traced back to 1953, the City of Melbourne and Victorian Water Ski Association have created one of the worlds most spectacular sporting events.