With approximately 100 young athletes from 21 countries heading for perfect conditions at Miranda’s Ski School on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile, Waterski records look set to tumble in all three events, Slalom, Tricks and Jump. The sheltered man-made Lago los Morros site is one of the most beautiful competition venues in the world today. Previous events held here at the Miranda Ski School include the Open World Waterski Championships, U21 World Waterski Championships, University World Waterski Championships and the Pan American Waterski Championships.


The Junior World Waterski Championships are scheduled for 5th to 8th  January 2017.


The World Championships will be exclusively towed by the world-record breaking Ski Nautique 200 boat, the ultimate three-event Tournament boat. Nautique have been involved in 22 World Records since 2009.


As of today, athletes from the following countries are listed : Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Ukraine and USA.


In Slalom, scores on the short 10.75m line are more than likely in both the Men and Women events. The women’s hot favorites will include Brooke Baldwin (USA) and Jaimee Bull (Canada) Watch out for 10.75m line scores from them. A very close 10.75m battle is also expected for the men between Robert Hazelwood (Great Britain), Ryan Canepa (USA) and Joel Poland (Great Britain),.


In Tricks, performances are soaring right now. Here two names are more than likely to dominate, Anna Gay USA and Patricio Font MEX. Both are in a league of their own. Both can break the 10,000 point barrier. As the reigning Open World Champion, at just 17 years of age, Anna Gay’s performances are already legendary. Patricio Font will fight to turn his 2014 Silver Medal in to Gold this time around.


In Jump, expect a very, very, close battle for the women between Brooke Baldwin (USA), Valentina Gonzalez (Chile), Dominique Grondin Allard (Canada), Ukraine National Record Holder Sofia Maksimenkova and Ginevra Buonopane (Italy). For the men, the 50m distance is likely to be broken by Joel Poland (Great Britain), Robert Hazelwood (Great Britain),, Josef Huainigg (Austria), Lindsay Bordier (France) and Louis Duplan-Fribourg. As in the women’s event, this will also be a fascinating contest.


The Team and Individual Overall titles to be announced on Sunday, January 8th at the final night banquet really do depend consistency throughout the week. Both Brooke Baldwin (USA) and Joel Poland (Great Britain),  are in a very strong position to successfully retain their Overall titles. The Team outcome could produce surprises this year. USA, Great Britain and France may not have it all their own way !


Good luck to all our Junior Waterskiers in these World Championships.


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